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Posted by Mike Mauk on

Good Day to all, well I took a very big step last week and decided to become one of the sponsors for the up coming BREWSTER KING SALMON DERBY the 9th annual. 

I have fished in it the 1st year it started,  I have  a bunch of reasons why I did not do well  that year but it does not matter.

I have steered away from it in the last years due to just to many people and I just was not ready to do it. Although I usually made it to the seminar and got t shirts and listened to the guides.

Well this year my little company is growing and I want to get my covers in the hands of local fishermen and this Derby brings a bunch of fishermen to my doorstep almost. I am ready.

 I have committed to it this year and will be taking my covers to the Derby headquarters and to the seminar before I hope. I will be giving them away to the winners of all categories and will include  gift certificates as well to some.

I have never taken any thing like this to sell any place so will be all new, but I have been planning to do like the Farmers markets around here  so have been getting the signs, table and everything. My logo will be displayed everywhere, on their web site and our name on their radio ADs. It should be exciting

So I am very busy getting covers done and signs bought and business cards and oh yes someone to help me with Mom and the big thing is getting someone to go fishing with me- in the sponsorship package I am doing they give 2 to 4 Derby tickets, so I invited my brother Ernie to come enjoy the weekend with me. It should be a blast. Melinda my sister will come visit with mom or Mom may need to go down to her house. Any way I have almost 2 months the Derby is Aug 1,2,3. with the seminar July 31st not sure where yet TBD

I will try to keep posting here in the blog. It is looking like a nice summer coming up

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