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Sept 2014

Posted by Skippermike on

Well the summer is coming to an end fast, we can feel it in the air here in Eastern Washington, the days are getting shorter, I hear Geese in the morning and this morning i think I heard SHOT GUNS, must be bird season. 

 I made it out fishing the other day and the BIG KINGS are in my favorite fishing hole over by the PUMP,  past Pelican Point here in the Columbia River. The majority of the fishermen have gone home, back to school or back to work and the big time guides and fishermen have moved south to the Hanford reach area where the Fall King run is open. So the pressure is off and it is my favorite time to fish. I will try to get Mom out a few more times this year, she is showing her age some, and has a rough time getting around, but I know if I can get her up and in the boat she will be the KEY to catching fish!!

Well I am surprised that no one that I gave gift certificates to at the Brewster Salmon Derby has redeemed them yet. 

I think I have a nice product as I use it myself and it is such a time saver when changing poles or changing lures and flashers. 

Well this site is the lowest you can buy them for.  I did raise the price on the colored ones  on eBay and Amazon and should do the same here as well, the material for the colored ones is almost $14.00 a yard compared to $6.00 a yard for the clear vinyl. As I have said before, I am trying to keep the cost of these as low as I can but I can not go in the hole, I need to at least make enough to break even  and hopefully to have a little extra. The eBay costs and Amazon cost are what keep the prices up on their sites, The shipping cost here are  a little more than eBay, and this site also cost me some every month. 

Anyway, I do hope this site takes off and I start selling more on here. My biggest selling place still is eBay. but that is to be expected.

 Well I will close for now, and will write more soon. Enjoy the FALL

Mike and Mom

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